Effective and in compliance

ENTRA has experience supplying production logistics solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. Our turnkey solutions help you manage production flow in terms of material and information to increase system uptime and line output.

Choose the perfect solution

With a variety of solutions that are flexible, standardized and modular, it becomes easy to design, mount and modify. It also allows easy integration into an existing line or easy incorporation of new machinery.

Space saving and easy access

You can choose high-level transportation to maximize available floor space and allow easy operator access, with very compact integration of machines and handling equipment.

High uptime with maximum MTBF

ENTRA solutions are easy to maintain and designed to decrease wear. Distributed line control ensures seamless speed adjustments, thus avoiding unnecessary wear and extending the operating life.

Balanced line routing and control

The speed can be varied seamlessly– up and down– to balance the product flow between up- and downstream machines and minimize the waiting time.

Healthy operator environment

Last but not least, our solutions take care of your operators. Our specially designed equipment delivers industry-leading low noise levels, high safety and a good work environment.