Gentle, quiet and fast!

ENTRA have extensive experience supplying production logistics solutions for the food and drink industry.

Whether your goods come in cardboard boxes, metal cans, plastic bottles or reusable crates, ENTRA solutions help you increase, system uptime, line output and your ability to meet changing market needs.

Choose the perfect solution

We offer solutions for conveying, elevation, buffering, diverting and merging. The delivery form is up to you and can be components, standardized modules, or turn key projects. Our conveyors are available in aluminum and stainless steel. The solutions are easy to design, assemble, integrate into machines and eventually modify and redesign according to your changing needs.

Space saving and gentle handling are key

You can choose high-level transportation to maximize available floor space and allow easy operator access, with very compact integration of machines and handling equipment. Gentle, pressure free buffering is possible on the conveyor even at high speeds, thanks to the dynamic line control.

Healthy operator environment

Last but not least, our solutions take care of your operators. Our specially designed equipment delivers industry-leading low noise levels, high safety and a good work environment.