Efficient flow, controlled quality

ENTRA has experience in transporting, assembling and integrating third-party machinery, we have the know-how and the production logistics solutions to increase your line efficiency.

Robust for high uptime

ENTRA's conveyor and handling solutions for transportation of bearings directly on chain are robust and require low maintenance, assuring high uptime and long MTBF. Our flexibility and modularity make adaption to production line changes easy, with the possibility to invest step-by-step.

Maximize your assembly line hardware

Our assembly modules bring complete system functionality to the line – from pallet loading via conveyor, assembly and buffer modules to packaging and palletizing. Pallets are used to minimize the damage on products. Our solutions are modular and flexible to let you invest and modify according to the assembly process, product lifetime and line output, and get the most out of your hardware.

Flexibility and control

With a well-designed and flexible assembly line you can achieve major cost reductions, with lower throughput time and increased control of products in process. At the same time, RFID technology offers a dynamic identity method for communication in real time between the product, the process and the production logistics software. ENTRA can implement the read and write functionality in all decision points.